Some may be peeking into the drone debate for the very first time. For those newcomers, check out these frequently asked questions to help guide you to the essential elements of the world of drones.

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Q: What is a drone?

A: According to the FAA, a drone can be categorized as either an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) or an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) The term “drone” is merely a simplified version of those two specific identifiers Some recreational pilots also refer to them as “quadcopters” because of the four propellers on the craft.


Q: What is the FAA?

A: The Federal Aviation Administration, which monitors all activity and issues regarding aviation and airspace in the United States. In regards to drones, the FAA is where pilots must register themselves in order to fly outdoors.


Q: What kind of drones are there?

A: There are three basic grades of drones: toy grade, hobby grade, and professional grade. Toy grade drones are relatively small and meant for beginners that are new to flying drones. Hobby grade drones are more common amongst recreational pilots with a small to medium size but a more durable material and ability to use a camera to stream live footage from drone flight. Professional grade drones have a larger size, sturdier material and the capacity to use a GoPro camera. Toy grade drones can cost from $13 – $150, hobby grade drones can cost from $400 – $1000 and professional drones can cost from $1500 – $15,000.


Q: Do all drones have cameras?

A: No, not all of them. It all depends on the grade of the drone and the physical build of the drone. The size and quality of technology on a drone determines whether or not it can hold and operate a camera.