Check out additional interviews with pilots, officials and others involved in the drone debate.


Carol Frank

Carol Frank of Great Neck Estates, NY talks about the drone that crashed in her front yard and how that led to a public hearing that banned drones from flying in the area.


Tom McKevitt

New York District 17 Assemblyman Tom McKevitt talks about the FAA registration requirements and what he sees as an impending legal battle between them and local regulations on drones.


Mark Cuthbertson

Huntington Town Councilman Mark Cuthbertson talks about the bill requiring drone pilots to acquire permits to fly in the town and what led to the bill being drafted.


Josh Druckerman

Recreational quadcopter pilot Josh Druckerman talks about the FAA registration requirements versus the local Long Island drone regulations.


Jason Bills

Recreational quadcopter pilot Jason Bills of Edison, NJ talks about how he started flying quadcopters and his thoughts on the recent rise in drone regulations on Long Island.